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PT & Training Plan Testimonials

Sophie has been an amazing PT, helping me to find my motivation and enjoyment of working out. By understanding my needs, including exercises that I like doing as well as introducing me to new things, she’s not only helped me achieve my goals but has also given me the push to make changes to my lifestyle for good. Can’t recommend enough!

George S.

I reached out to Sophie to help me put together a plan for weight loss, to increase my strength and to help me stay consistent. Over the last 8 weeks that we have worked together I have lost half a stone and I am definitely starting to feel stronger. Sophie has been extremely helpful with my nutrition and she is very supportive during our sessions and throughout the week.

Hannah C

Group Workout Session Testimonials

Sophie’s full body conditioning workout classes offer a fantastic range of functional exercises covering all muscle groups, for all abilities. Each session is highly professional, well planned and unique, with a huge variety of body weight movements and no equipment needed. I’ve seen noticeable results since starting and look forward to every class. It’s brilliant to be able to work out in a friendly environment from the comfort of your own home and for such a reasonable price, too. Bring on the next session!

Lucie H.

I am a regular runner and this is usually my exercise of choice. Before doing Sophie’s Strength & Conditioning sessions I never spent much time focusing on strengthening my core or doing anything around muscle conditioning. Sophie has introduced me to the importance of this alongside regular runs. These sessions have really improved my running and I feel a lot stronger as a result.

Amy E.

Sophie’s workouts have been absolutely perfect for keeping me from going crazy in a very strict lockdown in South Africa. Since getting back on the road, both running and cycling I am feeling the difference thanks to both the Fully Body and the Strength & Conditioning sessions – a stronger core and less stiffness after long rides/runs! It’s shown me that it’s good to mix things up and that actually I enjoy the higher intensity sessions, as they are varied, short and sweet but I still get a sweat on and I feel great afterwards! So handy! Thank you!

Chloe R.


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