5 Non-Negotiable Stretches For Runners:

You come back from a run, you’re hot, tired and thirsty. The last thing you want to do is to get into a long stretch routine. But before you reach for that post run snack just spend 5 – 10 minutes working through the routine below to aid your recovery and to help set youContinue reading “5 Non-Negotiable Stretches For Runners:”

5 Top Tips On Recovering From A Long Hard Run

Recovery time: The time needed for your body to adapt to the stress of exercise, while replenishing energy stores and repairing damaged tissues. Stretching – One of the main reasons we stretch after exercise is to help remove lactic acid (a waste product) from muscles and to get the blood flowing back around the body. Continue reading “5 Top Tips On Recovering From A Long Hard Run”

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