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Training Articles

A series of articles and posts written to help with your training and fitness journey…

5 Reasons Why I Use A Coach:

Knowledge:I’m a firm believer that there will always be someone who knows more than you. Working with people who are experts in their field is a great way to learn and develop. I absolutely love soaking up knowledge and tips from people around me.⠀Encouragement:Positive reinforcement is so powerful. Being told I’m doing a great job…

5 Non-Negotiable Stretches For Runners:

You come back from a run, you’re hot, tired and thirsty. The last thing you want to do is to get into a long stretch routine. But before you reach for that post run snack just spend 5 – 10 minutes working through the routine below to aid your recovery and to help set you…

Ironman 70.3 And The Fear!

For the last seven years I have spent a lot of time focusing on long distance running and in recent years I have added cycling into the mix.  During the summer of 2018, I was thinking of a challenge to complete in 2019.  I fell in love with cycling while training for a London to…

5 Top Tips On Recovering From A Long Hard Run

Recovery time: The time needed for your body to adapt to the stress of exercise, while replenishing energy stores and repairing damaged tissues. Stretching – One of the main reasons we stretch after exercise is to help remove lactic acid (a waste product) from muscles and to get the blood flowing back around the body. …

Why Should You Add Steady Runs To Marathon Training Plans?

Steady runs should be slower than race pace, a pace at which you can hold a conversation for the duration of the run.  Apart from the obvious reason of getting the miles in your leg, other benefits include: Running at a steady and slower pace helps to facilitate the development of aerobic strength.  Over a…

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