5 Reasons Why I Use A Coach:

I’m a firm believer that there will always be someone who knows more than you. Working with people who are experts in their field is a great way to learn and develop. I absolutely love soaking up knowledge and tips from people around me.

Positive reinforcement is so powerful. Being told I’m doing a great job really does encourage me to keep pushing forwards. Having someone support you with your goals can help with confidence and it’s been proven that with regular positive reinforcement you’re more willing to demonstrate positive behaviours. (i.e. turning up to training sessions).

Having to report back to someone on how well your session went, or even having them there with you during the session (or via Zoom) really does make me push that bit harder. We all know how easy it is to skip the last set or the last mile when only you know about it. But are you really like to tell your coach you couldn’t be bothered to do an extra 10 mins work? Doubt it!

Planned sessions:
As a PT my job involves planning and curating training sessions for my clients. I love training myself but I don’t always enjoy writing my own sessions. Sometimes I make them too easy, sometimes I get over confident and make them too hard. Having someone plan my sessions for me takes that pressure away. I can just turn up to the session, switch off and complete the workout to the best of my ability.

We all know that with any goal, training or otherwise, you have to be consistent to reach it. When working with a coach or PT, if they are good at their job, they will plan out blocks of sessions with the end goal in mind. With these sessions locked in I know that after completing each one I’m one step closer to reaching my goals.

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